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  • To reduce pet overpopulation by providing education, transportation and access to a low cost spay/neuter clinic. 
  • To provide foster homes, lifesaving care and medical treatment for at risk Solano County shelter dogs, cats and kittens. 
  • To place homeless dogs and cats in permanent quality homes which reduces the number of animals euthanized at the county shelters. 
  • To counsel people on the needs and proper care of companion animals.



Holiday Donations Needed!

Posted: February 16, 2019


Happy Homes Story

Hi Michael!

"I don't know if you remember me. We adopted Charlie

 (Now Louie a.k.a Big Lou) from you in early August.

I just wanted to reach out to you to say thank you. Louie is such an amazing little guy! We love him so much. He has quite the personality! His favorite time of the day is early morning when alarm clocks start going off. Once he hears an alarm, he will jump up on you and head butt you until you give him some attention! It's pretty funny! He's is such a people cat! He follows us around from room to room, like a puppy! We couldn't be happier with him, so thank you for connecting us!"


10 years and going strong!


"Amber" will be 10 yrs old next year.  Hard to believe.  She just loves being outside in our courtyard where she loves to be brushed, hunt bugs and as you can see eating catnip.  I cannot get enough of her!  So glad you pushed me into adopting her instead of that boy who was looking for another cat.  We definitely did the right thing for all concerned. 

She is the most lovable wonderful cat I have ever owned and never regretted adopting her from you.  You did a wonderful job of raising her and she is more people oriented than "cat" oriented.  When we have house guests she is constantly around them wanting to be petted.

Hope all is well with you.  Thank you again for such a delightful kitty.


Susan Moline




Dear Michael:

Thank you for the wonderful job you have done with our new calico kitten who we are calling Lili. She is settling right in and our dog, Jackson, seems to be not only be accepting her but enjoying her and all her kitten antics. Lili has used her litter box, eaten well and is currently playing with one of the toys you provided. Joe and I truly appreciate what you have done and are doing to save these marvelous kittens and find them good homes.

All the best, Ronna Leon



We adopted our newest family member from SCARF yesterday. Michael was incredibly helpful with answering any questions we had about our kitten both general and specific. He was patient and thorough and I could tell he absolutely wanted the best for her (and all his rescues for that matter). You can tell she has been raised with love, she is well socialized and loves people (she and my daughter are especially enamored with each other). Once she had a few hours to settle in she has adjusted amazingly well to our home. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of her. I know this work can be hard but it is appreciated more than you could ever know! We’re gonna work our butts off to ensure she has a long life being loved and spoiled rotten like the beautiful Queen she is


2019 Kittens

All these babies were bottle fed,

hand raised from birth

all adopted into forever homes

Thank you for your continued support

Spay/Neuter Clinic

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This is Roxie, she won a December photo contest

This was one of my babies I adopted many years ago!

She sure is a beauty!


Kitten Adoptions

Will return in May 2019



Update on Scooter!

February 20, 2017

From Scooters Mom

Hi Michael

I just saw your message. We are all doing great, thank you!
Scooter is doing fantastic.  He is just absolutely amazing.  He has grown so much. He’s a huge boy now. I’ll send you some pics ASAP, on my kindle right now reading this. I’ll try to get them to you tomorrow.  Scooter loves to play, and eat, and sleep in my bed, lol.   He has to be under the covers or he will pull at them until I let him in.  He also is the sweetest. When he's napping next to one of us he leans over and puts his paw on our faces so gently.   He has had zero health issues and is doing great.  Thanks for messaging,


"A Heartwarming"

Happy Homes Story


All About Scooter

Scooter came to his foster home with his 4

siblings at a very young age. They were bottle fed and

hand raised in a loving foster home.

Scooter was special because

he was born with a birth defect of 2 front clubbed feet

and large back feet (6 toes each!)

Finding Scooter a forever home was going to

be challenge. Of course this story has a wonderful

ending. Scooter was adopted into the best possible home.

A little boy spending most of his time in a wheelchair

due to illness saw Scooter's picture on Face Book.

He commented to his mother that the kitty had

the same club feet as him and he would love to adopt

him as his own special companion. Needless to say

the boys mom drove all the way to Fairfield from Fresno

to adopt Scooter for her son. Today the two are inseperable.

At Scarf we believe there is a home for every homeless animal, and in Scooter's case he got the best!


We wish them both many wonderful years

of loving companionship!



100% of donations go directly

to the animals need!

Thank you for your support!




Congratulations to Ann Story and the student council

of Nelda Mundy Elementary School

To date, all their efforts have raised over

$1,900.00 for SCARF

Our sincere gratitude on a job well done!



       A very special thank you to

      The student council of

      Nelda Mundy Elementary School

and Ann Story

      For producing the 3rd annual

Pennies for Pups and Coins for Kitties Event


Watch this space

Kittens will return in

May 2018






To Solano County


Spay/Neuter Clinic

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