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  • 100% of your donations directly benefit the animals in need.
  • SCARF is an all volunteer non-profit 501c3 foundation.
  • Donations are 100% tax deductible.
  • Volunteers provide weekly adoption events in a variety of locations in Solano County. 





BUSTER    and     ZAK 


When you are searching for a home you need a plan.

Here are two cats that will tell you their successful hunt for the perfect home. They never met each other. Their human companions shop at the same store, hence the hats.

Buster, a homeless orange/white tomcat canvassed the neighborhood and

decided on Tim's house. He came in for food and after a while decided he

liked the menu. Buster then settled in and Tim welcomed him in for meals

whenever he wanted. After about two weeks, Buster came in with a hurt paw.

He went off to the vet for shots, neutering and a little mending. Buster was

accepted by KC, his other cat at the time and Buster

was a happy boy to have such a secure home.

Zak, a silver/gray tomcat, ended up at the county shelter through no fault of

his own. He saw Joanna walk by and meowed to get her attention. His fate

changed when Joanna adopted him. He has good taste that guy. the hats were only on a very short time, but the "Gentlemen Cats" sure are handsome!




100% of donations go directly

to the animals need!

Thank you for your support!



A very special thank you

To the Wells Fargo Foundation

It is with their generosity

we will continue to save lives!



We are very proud to announce that

Nelda Mundy Elementary School

will be sponsoring a coin drive for Scarf!



Found Cat

Is this your kitty, beautiful calico, found at

The Pet Club store in Fairfield

If you know who this cat belongs to

please contact me through this website






Sponsored "Pet of the Month"

Meet Jack ~ He needs a forever home!

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Our Mission Statement

    • To reduce pet overpopulation by providing education, transportation and access to a low cost spay/neuter clinic. 
    • To provide foster homes, lifesaving care and medical treatment for at risk Solano County shelter dogs, cats and kittens. 
    • To place homeless dogs and cats in permanent quality homes which reduces the number of animals euthanized at the county shelters. 
    • To counsel people on the needs and proper care of companion animals.